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You can now introduce tenants 9 months before the start of a tenancy

Zero Deposit

Last Update 2 years ago

Zero Deposit is the perfect product for the student rental market, giving landlords more security, tenants more flexibility, and our partners less admin to do.

But we’ve heard from that only being able to introduce tenants 3 months before the start of a tenancy was stopping students and their landlords from accessing the flexibility and security that we offer. So we’ve changed it. 

You can now introduce tenants to Zero Deposit 9 months in advance of the tenancy starting.

Zero Deposit works for everyone involved in the student rental market:

  • Landlords get more security and faster claims payments: An extra week’s cover in comparison to a cash deposit, our brand new, groundbreaking 1 day rent claim payment process, and 40% of the remaining claims - those involving dilapidations - are resolved in the first 15 working days.
  • Tenants get financial flexibility: Free up cash and allow tenants to make choices about their money. This can enable them to use that to secure a property in a crowded market or buy all those essentials when they move in.
  • You avoid the hassle of handling deposits for multiple sharers, and submit one simple introduction to us. We issue all of the documents - no prescribed information, no time limits - no hassle!

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