How do I maximise my chance of a claim being paid?

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Last Update 3 years ago

The Dispute Service (TDS) assess the majority of our claims. So, prepare a claim to us as you would with a cash deposit. Being clear about what you are claiming for and why it is covered under the Tenancy Agreement helps the adjudicator understand why you are claiming and what you are claiming for.

You’ll also need to provide a copy of the reference report.

As with a cash deposit claims are assessed on the basis of evidence provided by the landlord. The key evidence you need to provide includes:

  • a signed tenancy agreement,
  • check-in and check-out reports,
  • evidence showing the amount of loss (e.g. rent schedules and invoices)
  • Any other relevant correspondence

If you don’t provide this evidence, as with a cash deposit, it will be harder for you to prove the claim you’re trying to make and may result in significant reductions. 

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