How are complaints handled?

How will my complaint be handled, once I have complained?

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We value our customers here at Zero Deposit and we want to ensure your complaint is handled fairly. 

Once you have raised a complaint, this is sent directly to the complaint department which will confirm they have received your complaint and raised a case for you within 5 working days. They will ask you for further information relating to your complaint, including evidence if required. We recommend responding to the email to ensure the complaints department has all the information in hand in order to fairly review and investigate your complaint.

After the deadline has passed, the complaint department will triage your complaint and determine whether they have enough evidence to investigate your complaint. It may be the case they ask for further information and provide you with a 5 working day deadline.

An investigation will take place where the complaint department will review all of the evidence to hand, including any evidence you have submitted. They will determine whether you have been treated fairly, and had a fair opportunity and also understand whether there are any shortcomings and/or errors in the service or the outcome. 

We have 8 weeks from the date you raised a complaint to provide you with a written final response letter. This will be sent by email. All points raised will be addressed and explain why they have reached the outcome. It may be the case you will receive a copy of the letter sooner, however, this depends on how complex the complaint is and whether further investigation is required.

Once the outcome has been determined, this is final, unless you can demonstrate there is an error in the outcome. We will not address the complaint once the outcome has been sent and we will provide you with your next steps in the letter. 

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