I disagree with the adjudication and wish to complain

I do not agree with the outcome of the adjudication and I would like to complain

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Our claims process is designed so that you receive the same outcome as you would have had a cash deposit used by the tenants instead. If the tenant disputes the claim, we will then send the claim to our expert adjudication partner, The Dispute Service (TDS). TDS will award money from the deposit, or Zero Deposit Guarantee, based on the evidence provided and what the tenants legally have to pay under the Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) they signed.

At Zero Deposit, we offer the opportunity to have our complaints department review the outcome of the adjudication. This means they will assess the adjudication to determine whether an error has been made in fact or in law. 

TDS will not review the outcome of the adjudication unless it is determined that an error has been made in fact or law. You can click here to read more about the process. 

By proceeding with the claim, you agreed that the decision is final and binding. TDS will not review a claim without demonstrating in fact for in law that an error has been made. This means we are unable to overturn the decision made by TDS as the outcome is final and binding under the terms of the Guarantee. That means we have no discretion as to whether we pay parts of the claim. 

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